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Victoria Cleansing Duo Set [VAE903-0]

Victoria Cleansing Duo Set [VAE903-0]

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Double Cleansing involves using two different types of cleansers, especially if you're wearing makeup or sunscreen. Face Cleanse Balm is a make-up remover with a Sorbet-like textured cleansing balm that efficiently removes long-wear makeup and sunscreen. The HydraMax Cleanser that follows gently washes the skin while keeping the proper moisture balance.


How to use

The Victoria Cleansing Duo set includes

  • Face cleanse balm 153, 50g
  • Hydramax cleanser 121, 50ml
  • FREE 2-pc facial towels (Did you know that regular towels gather bacteria even after use when left to dry? Say "No" to bacteria and use a CLEAN towel.)

Skin Type

All Skin Types


Face cleanse balm 153 (50g) and Hydramax cleanser 121 (50ml)

How To Use

Take an adequate amount of balm and spread it thoroughly over a dry face. Add a little water to the face to emulsify then wipe off with gentle strokes. Gently massage HydraMax Cleanser over the entire face then rinse with water.


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